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Below are high resolution videos from the creators of Sunyata discussing both the Sunyata CD and elements in preparing oneself for meditation.

Keith, Christopher and Daniel introduce us to Sunyata Meditation

Christopher gives us a sample playing the Sarod.

Keith provides instruction on proper posture for meditation.

Keith and Daniel share their thoughts on the basics of meditation.

Keith Paine explains the basics of breathing correctly.

Keith provides instruction to prepare and open up your body for meditation.

Director/Producer/Editor: Scott E. Moore || Director of Photography: Matthew Wachsman

You can also download each video to your iTunes library, if you like by clicking on any of the links below (Windows users, if you are having trouble downloading, try right-clicking on these links):
About Sunyata
Breathing Preparation
Posture Preparation
Stretch Preparation
Supine Preparation
Playing the Sarod

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